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—Sandy FairchildSan Francisco, California

“I’ve always been interested in knowing my future. I’ve tried my hand at palmistry and cards, but numerology is new to me, and Mr. Kennett’s book is a great introduction. Would totally recommend this to my friends!”

—Randy EricsonSouth Hampton, New Hampshire

“If you are interested in numerology, then this book is for you. I learned so much from this book, and I truly believe it has helped me with making decisions in my life.”

—Leslie BurnsPortland, Ohio

“This is not your conventional numerology book, but an easy guide to helping you divine your future.”

About the Book

Numerology is a fascinating and powerful form of divination that was discovered and brought to life by such greats as Pythagoras and Plato from around 600 BC.

A teacher and lecturer of numerology and palmistry, William Kennett wants to help many to enrich their lives with this unique art form.


About the Author

William Kennett has studied numerology, palmistry, tarot, and color therapy and is an accomplished Reiki master and spiritual and life coach. He is a published author and currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.


Finding Your
Personal Year

You must add the current year to the day and the
month of your birthday.

For example; A person’s day and month was the 17th of December
and the current year was 2017
we would write it as 2017+17+12
We need to place a plus between each digit;
2+0+1+7+1+7+1+2=21 Reduce 21 to 2+1=3

Three is the page number you will look for in your book.

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