Calculating Your Life Path Number

March 28, 2017 William Kennett

Using Numerology to Know Who You Are Some of you may have been conditioned to develop an aversion toward numbers, considering that most of the time you spent learning about them through mathematics. Numerology proves that numbers can be pleasant too. In fact, they can help in the process of self-discovery. How exactly? By computing your life path number. According.

Numerology: Understanding the Cosmic Lingo of Numbers

March 21, 2017 William Kennett

A Beginner’s Guide to the Basic Elements of Numerology Things in this era are so fast-paced they’re passing life in a blurry flash. When the need to pause and take a breather takes place, many turn to the place where they can reflect most—the self.   When it comes to self-reflection, one of the widely used methods is astrology, the.

A Brief History of Numerology

March 14, 2017 William Kennett

Its Otherworldly Significance since 500 BC Numerology is an age-old belief of a clairvoyant link between numbers and specific occurrences. It was practiced and believed in various forms by separate cultures of the ancient world and even today, where the scrutiny of their value in letters found in vocabulary, names, or ideas plant an irresistible curiosity.   From early Christian.