What Is Crystal Healing?

May 30, 2017 William Kennett

Stone-Hard Facts, Sturdy Mind and Body In this day and age where dealing with stress becomes a daily struggle, it is important that we consciously get rid ourselves from negative energies. Our chakras may be invisible to the naked eye, but they hold energies that are essential for our mental and physical functioning. Crystals have been used for healing way.

Tarot Card Reading: A Brief Overview

May 23, 2017 William Kennett

Delve into the mysterious history of tarot fortune telling Tarot is a form of divination originally coming from the Arabic word turuq, which means “ways.” The tarot came out in the sixteenth century as a game but was used later as a tool for divination in the eighteenth century. The use of it is known as tarotology and is a.

The Art of Palmistry: Reading Your Future

May 16, 2017 William Kennett

Exploring the lines of your palm can uncover deeper understanding of who you are and who you will be.   The unknown has always been a scary prospect. However, navigating its murky waters is a fascination that mankind has ventured in since time immemorial. When astrology has opened its door to the future, this exciting realm is no longer uncharted..