The Art of Palmistry: Reading Your Future

Exploring the lines of your palm can uncover deeper understanding of who you are and who you will be.


The unknown has always been a scary prospect. However, navigating its murky waters is a fascination that mankind has ventured in since time immemorial. When astrology has opened its door to the future, this exciting realm is no longer uncharted. Palmistry is one of its many branches that has been studied continuously.

In the past blog posts, we have discussed and explored the world of palmistry. By now, you must have more than enough idea about this particular art of predicting one’s fortunes. What lies ahead of you? What awaits your future? What kind of person are you? All of these can be read by determining what the lines and markings of your hand signify. And you do not need to pay for someone to read the lines of your palms because you can do it yourself.

So how do you start in reading your own palm? How does palmistry work?

The Art of Palmistry-Reading Your Future

When you pick your hand to read, you will be given different sets of discovery. Choose your dominant hand if you wish to glimpse insights into your work life and how the world sees you. For a more intimate look into yourself, including personal relationships, dreams, and struggles, pick your other hand.

After that, you are ready to go.

The first thing you have to do is to determine the type of your hand by the shape of your fingers and palm. There are five types: the square (orderly), the conical (inspirational), the spatulate (energetic), the pointed (idealistic), and mixed (adaptable).

Next you will examine the different lines of your palm. There are three major lines, namely the life, the head, and the heart. The three of them are key to unraveling palmistry.

The Art of Palmistry-Reading Your Future 2

The Line of Life

Starting about halfway between the thumb and forefinger, curving around the area of the thumb and ending normally on or near the base of the thumb where it is joined to the wrist, this particular line indicates the vitality and energy you can spend throughout your lifetime. And no, it is not supposed to be used to determine the length of life you will live.

If your life line is short (meaning it ends near the center of your palm), then you are someone who is capable of thinking quickly. You do not beat around the bush when you reach a conclusion or decision.

Whereas, if it is a long, straight line (one that extends across the palm toward the pinkie), then you are analytical. You think things over and over before you decide.

A line that splits in two means that you are sensitive to others. You have the ability to look at their perspective and change your opinion from time to time.

Now if you happen to have a long, curved line, then you are a well of creativity. You can imagine different possible scenarios in every situation.


The Line of Head

It is time to examine the head line. Its normal starting point is the same as the start of the line of life, joined together, just touching. It begins midway between the thumb and the forefinger, before proceeding across the palm toward the outside of the hand. A good head line does not extend to the edge of the palm. The head line represents mental power, intellectuality, and good memory.

If you have a long line, you are dependable, a rock that your loved one can count on in difficult circumstances.

A short line tells that if the going goes tough, your sense of safety and security can be found in keeping busy. Things that occupy your time takes your mind off your pressing problems.

Faint line indicates your need to take a step back and chill every now and then. Activities like yoga, meditation, or walking can do wonders to your system.

If, however, you have a broken line, each break in the line signifies a traumatic experience that shaped your life choices.


The Line of Heart

Finally, we are at the line of heart. Normally, it starts in the area of the mount of Jupiter, under the first finger, running across the palm at the base of the mounts to the edge of the hand. It is the first horizontal line in the palm. The heart line characterizes the emotional and physical qualities dependent upon the heart.

When your head line ends below the index finger, then you are rational. You tend to consider other people’s feelings, which they appreciate a lot about you.

If it ends between the middle and index finger, however, connotes your need for freedom. Your love lies in your actions and not in your words.

When it is arching up and reaching the base of your middle finger, it means you are driven by your passions and desires. And it does not bother you a bit if everybody knows about it.

When the line arcs up and ends about a half inch below the base of your middle finger, then it signifies your reserved nature. You are more in your element when you are in small groups, making it easier for you to open up in one-on-one situations.

The study of the human hand can lead to a deeper understanding about one’s personality, fortune, and future. What are you waiting for? Discover insights into yourself now. Master the art of palmistry and unclog the future.



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