Becoming a Reiki Master

What You Should Do to Master the Way of Reiki

Reiki Master

Do you want to become a Reiki Master?


In a popular animated movie series Kung Fu Panda, one panda community was believed to possess the power of healing through their palms. Concentrating their energy on a specific part of their body, they released their chi toward someone in need of healing. This form of healing, while not directly named in the movie, is very similar to the Reiki way of easing pain and increasing life energy.


Reiki originates from Japan. It is a powerful technique for healing and strengthening the whole system through relaxation and stress reduction. Perhaps the most popular form of Reiki master is Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of Usui Reiki healing system. Reiki is a spiritual practice that aims to heal not only the physical but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of the person who practices it. Many claimed to have experienced healing and improvement in their health from this technique.


Basically, practicing Reiki brings a lot of benefits to a person. Those who already tapped the advantages of following the path of the Reiki usually seek to proceed to the Advanced and Master levels. If you desire to be the person who leads others to their healing, you are a few steps away to becoming a Reiki Master.


To become a Reiki Master, there are a series of techniques that you need to undergo. First and foremost, you must know Reiki by heart. Having a pure desire to learn the technique to unlock the source of healing is the key to master it. As Reiki mainly involves harnessing the spiritual energy that flows through our system, taking the advanced lessons to become a master demands an extra amount of your willingness to teach Reiki. A Reiki Master must have a steady and healthy amount of energy at all times, especially during “attunements” where a master transfers to the student the ability to manipulate Reiki. That’s why it is important to ask yourself first if you are ready to take a responsibility to take care of other’s needs.


Once you determine that you are prepared to take the joyous task of being a Reiki Master, you have to aim for the Master attunement and Master symbol, an excellent grasp of giving attunements, and conducting a Reiki class where you actually passing Reiki to your students. When you have achieved all these things, you can be qualified as a Reiki Master.


All Reiki Masters were previously students, as all masters in their respective field are. You have to start somewhere. You have to find your significant purpose somewhere. To do this, you need to find a master who can tap your potentials. Finding the right person to train you is not hard. Reiki masters are naturally inclined to help their students achieve what they have achieved. They know that teaching Reiki is a selfless and a fulfilling thing. Sharing what you received can bring a definite improvement to the world.


Ask your Reiki Master about what kind of training you are going to take. Some Reiki Master training courses offer a complete training while some only give selected attunement classes. Also, inquire about their availability and their level of support in your endeavor. All trainees are required to take Reiki I and II as well as advanced training lessons.


When you are having trouble teaching Reiki to your students, observation, practice, and meditation will boost your confidence and knowledge about Reiki teaching. Observe how your Reiki Master conducts his/her Reiki Classes and how the students respond to the training. Practice your talks and lectures over and over again. Harness good and respectable character that your students will come to respect. Lastly, don’t forget to meditate and come in contact with the universal energy so as to provide you with constant guidance and inspiration.


The good news about teaching Reiki is that the more you share what you have learned, the more you will grow and be empowered as a Master. Over time, you will be equipped with enough experience with the Reiki spirit and you have allowed the Reiki to nurture all the areas of your life. Your willingness to help channel the universe’s abundant energy will enable you to uphold the ideals of Reiki.

Reiki Master


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