The Art of Palmistry: Reading Your Future

May 16, 2017 William Kennett

Exploring the lines of your palm can uncover deeper understanding of who you are and who you will be.   The unknown has always been a scary prospect. However, navigating its murky waters is a fascination that mankind has ventured in since time immemorial. When astrology has opened its door to the future, this exciting realm is no longer uncharted..

Palmistry: Lines

April 25, 2017 William Kennett

What they are and what they mean in palmistry Notice the various lines scattered around your palm? In palmistry, or the art of examining the lines on the palm to foretell the future, each line has a different meaning behind it. For this article, the four major lines (life, head, heart, and fate) will be tackled. Get to know what.

Hand Shapes: Using Palmistry to Know Who You Are

April 18, 2017 William Kennett

You may lie, but your hands never will. Big events in the history of humankind don’t always come as surprises to all. Some people already know what will happen using their psychic and divination prowess. Last year’s election for the forty-fifth president of the United States of America brought all ears and eyes to the country. Even before votes were.

Ancient and Modern Palmistry

April 11, 2017 William Kennett

Ancient and Modern Palmistry   People’s fascination of the future has always been a thing. There is something about prophecies, predicting the unknown, and mastering where we will go that not only entertains but also spikes up our curiosity. There are many ways people show how determined they are to know what is about to come; there is tarot reading,.